Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Once a while...

Sometimes you need to treat yourself with some goodies to keep you alive from the drowning situation of work, home and world affairs (and probably female affairs ... he! he!) One of the best way I know is to have some ..he! he!).
Only way I know is to have a porkie and few glasses of beer (or any liquor) to go with in.

So this was once of those days where my friends and I went around town driving and we stop here at The Curve for this quick fix - The Bavarian Bierhaus. We order what the German is famous for; beer, sausages and pork knuckle.

Mix Sausages

Bavarian Pork Knuckle

Of course not forgetting the beer, Paulaner Beer...

Anyway this quick fix was 2 years ago and I will never get to do this again with such depressing news coming no increment; no bonus (even though the company profits and we meets our budget??) and politician still fighting on whose the going to be the better government where the economy is not improving at all.