Tuesday, 17 November 2009

King of Fruit Cake

Our group has this yearly event to feed the host which happen in last month. And last month was the King of Fruit season, so for my portion of feed the host, I prepared by durian ice-cream and roast pork lion. To make by durian, I went and bought some D24 and then separated the flesh from the nut. After making the ice-cream, there was still a lot of leftover durian plup. What should I do?

Then I remember my boss recommend me this cake shop in Petaling Street which sell tarts, cake, swiss roll made of durian flavour. With this in mind, try to make my own durian cake. I use a butter cake recipe and mix it with all my durian pulp.

Here I fold in my flour for the final phase of my durian cake

Bake it in the oven till it turn light brown or something like below.

My verdict, well the texture is soft however the cake feel a bit dry. So what when wrong?? No idea but to just keep on trying it with some modification or reference others people recipe till prefect. I thing I must confess is that baking is not as simple as cooking, as each steps taken will produce different results.

So bake try number 0010 and.....


Monday, 16 November 2009

Har Mee Jalan Pudu

A quick one for the day. Looking for Har Mee around KL. Try this at Jalan Pudu very near the Pudu Pos Office & Bomba. I notice this store during my daily commute to my work and often visited by a lot of customer.

See the happy face of the store onwer (must be raking in good profits). Other than Har Mee, he also sell Pork Noodle (I think so).

This is my bowl of very tasty Prawn Noodle.