Monday, 29 October 2007

SK Food Haven? Part 2 - Restoran Hy Thian

Firstly I like to apologies to everybody who visit my site and found nothing new. I will try my best and discipline myself to update as much as often. Let me continue with my SK post.

After reading Eat First Think Later post on this place in SK, remind me to contiune my update on this mysterious place call Seri Kembangan. This place Yap Yin & BKT has been around since my university days in UPM and been always famous for its BKT and pork knuckle. For the last two years it has become one of the spot to be. Located centrally in town, it is one of most diffculty place to find carparks.

This next restaurant I am going to introduce to you all food lovers is also one of my favourite place during my uni’s days. It starts as small rented stall in a food court to one 3-storey shophouses and then 5 shophouses. With this type of business growth, you can expect nothing less than prefect for the dishes they served. So, I decided to go since my last visit was five years ago and it was a weeding dinner.

Two Variety Prawns

These are some of the delicious dishes we have, Two Variety Prawns, one cooked with butter and the others is salad. The best part of it, we requested to be de-shelled, no more mess.

The another recommend by them is Fried pork with special sauce (Sheng Chao Hua Nan) taste a bit of sweet and hot and juicy.

Fried Pork with Special Sauce

We also have this special vegetable call Dragon Vegetable fried with garlic (Qing Chao Qing Long Cao). Just look at tiny strip of the vegetable.

Dragon Vegetable fried with Garlic

This the fried bean curd cubes with pork in Sxichuan sauce (Shi Chuan dou Fu Li).

Bean curd cubes with pork in Sxichuan Sauce

We finish off with the dessert of the season, fried durian, crispy outside and soft and cold durian paste inside.

After years have not been there and since it moves to this new place, the food is delicious as ever. Their business rest days are on Monday and Tuesday, with these business their can afford two rest days. My LAF rating 7.9/10, because of the big prawns (Without shell! Oh Yeah!) and fried pork. How much does all of these cost? Here it is.....

So, where is the place, here the map to the resturant ....

There are also others restaurant around SK such as Soon Lee Restaurant (famous for its grill fish, aluminium foil chicken wine, etc.), Restoran Chen Fatt, Starlight Restaurant (salt baked fish, salt egg crab, etc.), Yong To Fu & fried wrapped chicken, Yap Yin & BKT Restaurant and so on. I will tried post all these restaurant the next I visit them.


Wednesday, 17 October 2007

KK's Specialty Fried Noodle

This is one of my favourite noodle dish. The following are some of the basic ingredients includes meat, prawns, vegetables, noodle (wanton noodle) and most important is dried shredded squid.

First pan fried the noodle a bit and the squid until it is fragrant then keep it aside. Afterwards start by cooking your meat and prawns then put the fried noodle add water, seasoning and etc till it taste to your prefection. Lastly add the fragrant squid into the noodle, give another quick stir then it is ready to be served.


Tuesday, 16 October 2007

GULLIN Seafood

This restaurant is somewhere in PJ which I personally don't know where. My uncle was leading the way to the restaurant. Apparently is located at Taman Megah and opposite old LimKokWeng University College. It is a corner shop and quite crowded with people.

We waited for a while before we got our seat and of course my Uncle going decided on what we having tonight since he has been there before.

This is the most order dish as I look around others table, everyone has one on their tables and also recommended by my uncle, Hotplate Curry Seafood which can be cook with only prawns, white squid, fish or mixture of them.

Hotplate Curry Seafood

We also have Fu Rong Dan (Scrambled Egg), Dong Bo Rou (Stewed Pork With Five Spices), Minced Pork Fired Beancurd and Garlic Fired Kalian.

Fu Rong Dan (Scrambled Egg)

Dong Bo Rou (Stewed Pork With Five Spices)

Minced Pork Fired Beancurd

Garlic Fired Kalian

Quite a good mixture of food we order and very rich in flavour for the Hotplate Curry Seafood which and the gravey mix well with the scarmble egg. All the above cost around RM 70 together with drinks if I remember correctly. My LAF rating 5.6/10.

Just to update you, my first food review post, SK Food Haven? Pt 1, Restoran Healthy Pot is no longer in business. As I was telling Tummythoz about this place, the next time I going to pass by it might not be around and I came true. So much of my first food review….ahh!!!