Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Cakes Again?

I always have the tendency to over purchase stuff such as vegetables, butter, milk, apples, grapes and others food stuff then left in the refrigerator too long and totally forget about it. Nowadays most of supermarket packages the goods in multiples and very reasonable price which is so tempting. Do I sound like a houseman(wife)? After some days of specific memory loss, these supposedly good deals does not fill my stomach, it becomes a major source of food for my dustbin. I do not always forget about it, sometimes you got so much of work or appointment which by the time I reach home, it will be too late to cook anything.

So when I decided to try a cheese cake, I bought a whole kg of Anchor Cream Cheese. After making the first mix strawberry and lemon cheese cake, I need to quickly make another cake before my dustbin get its bite on the other half kg of the cream cheese. So I look at my another cookbook, celebrity chef Su Chan (who is she? I never heard of her before, just got the book at discount at M’sia Book Fest for discount) to look for my next cake ideas.

The American Cheesecake recipe looks like the easily to prepare and quick with those existing ingredients I have. I won’t list the recipe here, please get the cookbook and get your income tax deduction (this was what i was thinking).

So here, I mix the cream cheese, egg yolks, sugar and lemon in a bowl and the egg whites and sugar in another bowl. Then combine the both items and pour into a grease springform pan (Hah! I remember to grease the pan).

Thereafter bake till it become slight brown at the top and please to take my as standards, it is slight overburnt. After remove the oven leave to cool and refrigerate the cake overnight.

After overnight in the fridge, you can serve it. Look at the beautifully cut cheese cakes. Want some? Look better than the earlier cheese cake.


Monday, 23 June 2008

Cakes, cakes & cakes!!

Cakes are probably the most loveable food to every person in this planet earth. We celebrate our birthdays, weddings, engagement, anniversary and any other special events with it. Every people like to have one piece of it whenever they are not worrying about the calories. I myself also love and adore cakes. I used to buy a whole butter cake filled with delicious sugar icing during the holidays so that it can fill-up my holiday appetite and forget about calories for a while.

Now with the pricing of goods has gone 10 folds, you can’t get my favourite butter cake for only RM28. Now, I think it will cost me around RM45 per kg. Then I thought to myself, why don’t try doing it myself and that means one less customers for Secret Recipe.

Here are some of the beautiful creations by the experts in the FHM 2007 even though I know event the occurred closed to a year ago. We can still enjoy all this mouth watering creations in your imagination. Wouldn't you wish to take a bite at it ?...Yummmy!

Look at those mini-cakes...

FHM-Beautiful Cakes

and also this cakes...

Then I started on the simple recipe from my cookbooks and change it bit to become a mix of strawberry and lemon cheese cakes. I used the Mc-Vities Digestives for the base and of course the cream cheese mixed with some strawberry jam for the strawberry favour and lemon juice.

You can see from the tray before baking the two difference colours of the cheese cakes.

This is the first time I baked cakes and I forget to grease the tray, look at the all the crunchy biscuit all stuck at the bottom of the tray. Just look at this picture and how messy the cutting becomes. On top of that, I did not reduce the sugar level and with the strawberry jam it becomes too sweet. Well, can we consider this is not a successful try. How much do you rate this (for some of you have try it)?

This picture is taken by Teckiee, one of the many professional photographers in the flogger gang. See difference between the amateur and professional.


Wednesday, 18 June 2008


Just to keep everyone inform, I have finally run out of reason not to write my blog. Upgraded my computer to C2D with 4GB memory to play with and running on Vista. I also have a new wireless keyboard and mouse. Now I can type anywhere at my comfort. Well we have to keep up with technological advances but it will burn a hole in your wallet (save for the income tax deduction). Hope you fellow bloggers can continue to provide me with your valuable comments or ........

Next weekend another big event and I will be in Singapore. It is the first Toy & Comic Convention in Asia brought to you by ANIMAX. Thanks to the 50 million viewers that tune-in to ANIMAX, and ASTRO to bring the channel to Malaysia (again we need paid for TV). Check the event here.

Keep watching for the on-coming posts.....