Monday, 20 August 2007

Honey Whisky Pork Bits

I have been thinking for a while on what should I do with this Johnnie Walker Black Label. It has been lying in my shelve for years, then an idea strike me. Why don't I try making some dishes with whisky like Whisky Pork Bits (thought of doing it at pork ribs, too lazy to debone during eating) similar like so many restaurants serving Guinness Stout Pork Ribs / Chicken Wing.

At first, I try just using whisky to marinade the pork bits and for sauce. The whisky taste was too strong in the marinated pork (nearly got high after having it). Later, I added honey, the taste?..…well for me is OK (since I am the only taster around).

Let get down to things that make it ticks

Pork cut in slices or cubes
Corn Flour
Softly beaten Egg
1 teaspoon of soya sauce
1 teaspoon of oyster sauce
Pinch of salt, sugar & pepper

3 tablespoon of Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky
1 tablespoon of honey
20 ml water
Pinch of salt & sugar

Marinate the pork with soya sauce, oyster sauce, salt, sugar and pepper. Coat the pork bits with corn flour then eggs and deep-fry in hot oil until cooked and golden brown. Then drain the excess oil from the pork.

For the sauces, heat a bit of oil in the saucepan, then put in the combined ingredients above and stir till boil until thick. Then mix the fry pork bits in the sauce then served.


Fate / Stay Night

I am so excited for the past weekend. I have just increased my collections of anime figures by two. These figures are from two characters of one of my favourite animation Fate/Stay Night. These are perfectly sculpture masterpiece by Bome under the Mon-Sieur Bome Collections and manufactured by Kaiyodo. Just look at this beautiful masterpiece.

Servant Saber

Master Toshaka Rin

Have to find some more places in my apartment to keep this additional piece. Fate/Stay Night and Neon Genesis Evangelion are two of animation figures that I currently collect. Of course there is some other plastic models kit like Gundam Seed, Star Trek, Final Fantasy VII, Doraemon and some others small pieces of trading figures.

I have just place order with the hobby shop to get me the second edition of the Pinky St models for Evangelion. Hopefully the onwer has good news for me when she is back from Japan. I should start working on some of my plastic model kits that are sitting on my shelve for years.


Tuesday, 14 August 2007

SK Food Haven? Part 1

This is my very first food review. SK (Seri Kembangan) or Serdang has always been food haven for folks from KL (that what I made to believe). Every weekend, the restaurants around there are flooded with cars (coming from KL / PJ / others places) and continue to add to the forever-congested street. Food eateries around here are popping-up like mushroom, some of them are able to sustain and some of them just fade away due to intense competition. One of these eateries that caught my eyes is this restaurant, Restoran Healthy Pot. So without much hesitation, I decided to give this restaurant a try (after my guilty consciousness reminds me to be healthly).

First on the menu and recommended by waiter, of course is Healthy Pot Soup, consist of meat (slice & mince), fish slice, fish paste, tomato, pork liver and others cook in their special soup served in the claypot. To compliment my healthy soup, I order the yam rice.

Taste? A change from my normal spice rich dishes, quite plain and calm, maybe that why it is call Healthy Pot Soup. Their small (single person portion) is price at RM 7.00, quite reasonable but not for the yam rice at RM1.50 served in pint size.

The restaurant is located along the Plaza Cheong Hin Business Centre. It is on the first business block after South City Plaza, facing the main road. My LAF rating 3/10, maybe I am so use to exciting and lively food.

Restoran Healthy Pot
Tel : 012-3638981


Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

I have always like cooking. Sometime, I recreate some of this dishes I have tried before but it is not always successful. One time, I try making Whisky Pork Ribs, the results is quite shocking. Having a cookbook around is always useful to produce great food, sometimes. One of my collection of cookbook is this vietnamese cook book I got when it was introduce by The Star paper. What motivate me to get try vietnamese food is partly my trip to Vietnam and my buddy's friends wife. She personally requested us to get this special vietnamese rice paper - Banh da Nem which is not available in KL (that was what I made believe).

One of the first thing I try is the Vietnamese Spring Roll. Here are the ingredients (a little modification by myself):
- Minced pork, Crabmeat, Prawns (peeled & minced)
- Carrot & Turnip (both julienned)
- 1-2 cloves Shallots & Garlic (finely chopped)
- Egg beaten
- Pepper, salt & sugar for taste

Turnip, Minced Pork & Prawn (just ran out of carrot)


Mixed up everything together and warpped it with the rice paper.

Then carefully wrapped Vietnamese Spring Roll but not so tight. This can easily tear the rice paper. To make it easier to warp soften the rice paper by wipe it with wet towel.

Then deep fry under slow or medium heat till become golden brown.

Tata! the completed Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

You can try this with different type of filling for e.g. add some fish paste. Yummyyyyyy.....


Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Second Step

I have reach my second step. Like the show Everest Beyond The Limit, this is an important step, I within the reach at the tallest peak in the world or should I said a die hard blogger. Of course being a blogger is not like a walk in a park. It takes a lot of couragement, fellow bloggers and etc.... like reaching the summit you have sherpas with you all the way. Most of all, I like to said my thanks to Tummy Thoughts which show me the excitement of being a blogger and particular a food bloggers. I also like to thanks the bunch of others food bloggers I met (will get the blog listed asap).

As my title suggest, I will venture into life question, animation and of course food. Let me introduce two of my favourite anime, BLEACH - A story of a teenage that can see spirits / ghost and later obtains Shinigami power and ONE PIECE - A journey of a young lad to become a Pirate King and their journey into the Grand Line.

One of the good things about animation, is it let you review some of the basic life question like friendship, evil, good, morale and etc...Another of my interest is cooking... like Japanese food, Vietnamese food, Chinese, Malay and basically Asian Food and also food around the world. Enjoying a good food is always great to have but I have to watch my weight. Can have myself carrying a barrel around? Right! But how can one resist good food, I will just have to eat lite. That is about now. The next time I will tell more about the summit, and what the feeling like......